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Welcome to the Better than Adventure! Wiki
The comprehensive resource and guide for the Minecraft mod Better than Adventure!
About the mod

Better than Adventure! is a mod for the Beta 1.7.3 version of Minecraft: Java Edition developed by Mak and jonkadelic. It aims to provide a more polished Beta version of the game, with focus on improving existing features. The mod is community-driven, with feedback and bug reports from players being heavily considered in its development.

You can install the mod by using the guide found here!

Latest versions
Tips and tricks
  • Portals can be as large (or small) as you want.
  • Leather boots keep your crops safe from trampling.
  • Moss spreads to nearby blocks. See what it can spread to!
  • Quivers provide a convenient way to store a lot of arrows.
  • Fill the guidebook by collecting resources. Gotta craft 'em all!
  • The trommel lets you turn useless dirt into valuable resources.
  • Blast furnaces smelt faster than regular ones.
  • Sick of watching grass grow? Use bone meal on dirt.
  • Outback soil is rich with minerals.
  • You can check out the official Better than Adventure! website by clicking here.
  • You can join our Discord server, whether to discuss about this wiki or to chat about the mod, by clicking here.
  • You can view the Better than Adventure! forum post on Minecraft Forum by clicking here.
  • You can check out the Better than Adventure! Tumblr page by clicking here.

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